Ryan Buch

My water heater broke and was flooding my town home. San Diego Leak Detection sent out Brandon and he was phenomenal. He was professional, friendly and replaced the water heater without any issues. He even coordinated with the emergency vac company to come out and dry my carpets. I would highly reccomend San Diego Pipelining thanks to Brandon!

Gus Colachis

We had a major pipe leak underneath our house earlier this year. We actually had water come up through our floor heating vents…total disaster.

We had done two remodels in the house in the past ten years, done by two different contractors. It didn’t help that our house is 30 years old. We have had three different “water events” in the past five years, and were on the verge of being cancelled by our insurance company.

One of the things I learned is that plumbers, like insurance companies use cute or funny ads on TV to gain market share, but the are all pretty much the same. We had two different plumbing companies come in to fix the problem. The leaks continued. We have pretty nice house, so the bids to fix the problem were all over the map. The 3rd plumber was from the remediation company, and in my view the only honest one, told us about epoxy coating. He said it was a far better alternative than repiping our entire house.

Enter San Diego Leak Detection services.

They came out personally to inspect our home. His bid was prompt and a bit eye opening, but it was thorough and easy to understand, and definitely not scribbled on a pink form. I check a couple of references, and they were impeccable. We had to leave our home for a week, as the amount of pipes and equipment and trucks was pretty overwhelming.. They did a through job of protecting our home, and in the end, we were very happy with the result. His epoxy coating has a lifetime warranty,, and his fixtures have a ten year manufactures warranty.

San Diego Leak Detection are of great integrity, with a great staff of plumbers, with really large trucks!

I highly reccomend his company.

Kimberly Schmid

I was very pleased with San Diego Leak Detection installing the 50 feet of lining in our sewer pipe that was necessary due to root intrusion. Bill was a pleasure to work with, as was Ryan in his accounting department. Tino, who was at my job site from the first camera work to the hydro-jetting to the installation of the re-lining was stellar. Very polite, always on time and answered all of my questions and concerns with patience and kindness. I would highly recommend!

Shawn Couch

I bought an older house and decided to get a sewer line video inspection to check the quality of the old cast iron pipes. The inspection confirmed the older pipes and found some slight root intrusion at the clay pipes, but it didn’t seem like a deal killer to me.

Cue some work a few weeks later, and upon excavating a small line repair we discovered that the old cast iron lines actually had no bottom to them. Pacific Drain was doing some work down the street so I had them take a look. One day and a couple of used car salesmen moments later and I had a quote for a $25,000 pipe reline.

That night I hit the internet and ended up getting a couple of replies from a few other companies in the morning. One company came over and gave me a new quote for $15K. then I got a call from San Diego Leak Detection and he looked at my inspection video and said I could just get the old cast iron lines cleaned, and should reline the clay pipes. The quote was for $5600 and after some confirmations of the work and some assurances for the longer term usage of my pipes, I decided to pull the trigger. The work is 95% complete and the work is top notch.

Judy Romero

On mother’s day we had a major leak. No one even called me back until I lucked out and called SD leak detection. Darryl answered the phone, came over within the HR and located leak. He also coordinated with other needed plumber and restoration companies for us. Nicest man. Thorough expert. Call him first! Thanks again to Darryl!

Daniel Scott

I am very glad I went with Darrel. He found where the leak was under the slab, marked out the location of the pipes, and took time to find where the pipes came up in the walls so that we could simply cap The pipe that fed the leak under the slab, and then reroute the water supply through the wall and the back of the kitchen cabinets. He was also nice, and very knowledgeable.

Charles Crawford

Ross is great at what he does. He will help you find your leak and provided you with recommended repairs. He was professional and the service and repair were completed quickly.

Molly Jhonson

We live in Imperial Valley, and after a fruitless experience with Blackman Plumbing, I called American Leak Detection in San Diego. I thought it would be more expensive for them to drive the 2 hours back and forth, but it was not. The technician had many years of experience, sophisticated equipment, and solved the problem quickly, accurately, and with minimal damage to our walls. Even though the leak was under the slab, he was able to repair it in a few hours for a reasonable price (about half Blackman’s estimate). The technician was courteous, clean and thorough. Highly recommend!!