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We had a major pipe leak underneath our house earlier this year. We actually had water come up through our floor heating vents…total disaster.

We had done two remodels in the house in the past ten years, done by two different contractors. It didn’t help that our house is 30 years old. We have had three different “water events” in the past five years, and were on the verge of being cancelled by our insurance company.

One of the things I learned is that plumbers, like insurance companies use cute or funny ads on TV to gain market share, but the are all pretty much the same. We had two different plumbing companies come in to fix the problem. The leaks continued. We have pretty nice house, so the bids to fix the problem were all over the map. The 3rd plumber was from the remediation company, and in my view the only honest one, told us about epoxy coating. He said it was a far better alternative than repiping our entire house.

Enter San Diego Leak Detection services.

They came out personally to inspect our home. His bid was prompt and a bit eye opening, but it was thorough and easy to understand, and definitely not scribbled on a pink form. I check a couple of references, and they were impeccable. We had to leave our home for a week, as the amount of pipes and equipment and trucks was pretty overwhelming.. They did a through job of protecting our home, and in the end, we were very happy with the result. His epoxy coating has a lifetime warranty,, and his fixtures have a ten year manufactures warranty.

San Diego Leak Detection are of great integrity, with a great staff of plumbers, with really large trucks!

I highly reccomend his company.