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I bought an older house and decided to get a sewer line video inspection to check the quality of the old cast iron pipes. The inspection confirmed the older pipes and found some slight root intrusion at the clay pipes, but it didn’t seem like a deal killer to me.

Cue some work a few weeks later, and upon excavating a small line repair we discovered that the old cast iron lines actually had no bottom to them. Pacific Drain was doing some work down the street so I had them take a look. One day and a couple of used car salesmen moments later and I had a quote for a $25,000 pipe reline.

That night I hit the internet and ended up getting a couple of replies from a few other companies in the morning. One company came over and gave me a new quote for $15K. then I got a call from San Diego Leak Detection and he looked at my inspection video and said I could just get the old cast iron lines cleaned, and should reline the clay pipes. The quote was for $5600 and after some confirmations of the work and some assurances for the longer term usage of my pipes, I decided to pull the trigger. The work is 95% complete and the work is top notch.