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Leak Detection

San Diego Leak Detection

It is said within the industry that leak detection is as much art as it is science. While it’s true that the experience of a talented professional is invaluable at identifying and isolating leaks in any system, technology today adds a good bit of advantage to the well trained professional. That’s why our team at San Diego Pipelining is armed with the lasts in modern, state of the art imaging and location equipment to help decipher the precise nature of your leak, and create a customized solution to repair and rehabilitate your piping system.

Why Choose San Diego Pipelining For Your Leak Detection & Repair?

  • Results Driven – superior equipment locates the offending leak source
  • Documented – source and origin report
  • Verified – digital photos, recorded video and/or thermal imaging photos
  • AAA – rated for price, quality and appearance
  • Confidence – designated as a “Preferred Vendor” and a “Quality Vendor” to the insurance industry
  • Member of the BBB – adhering to high ethical business standards
  • More Repair Options – spot repair, repipe/reroute, in-place epoxy coating
  • Experience – Over 35 years experience performing plumbing investigations and restorations

Since 1974, San Diego Pipelining has been providing high quality accurate leak detection to Southern California communities. San Diego Pipelining experience heading leak investigations has provided San Diego Pipelining the opportunity to work with insurance companies as a “Preferred Vendor” and a “Quality Vendor”. San Diego Pipelining has a team of highly trained and qualified individuals using state-of-the-art technologies that apply non-intrusive, non-destructive testing solutions to complex water leak detection-investigations, and has been doing so for property management companies, government agencies, the City of San Diego and residential clients for over 35 years.

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PIPE RESTORATION – Trust San Diego Pipelining to care for your current system with an affordable and non-invasive pipe restoration strategy to help repair damage to your current piping system.