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Trenchless Pipe Lining

If you’re experiencing leaks in your plumbing or piping system, the repairs can be extensive and costly. Digging up and/or replacing existing pipelines is a major renovation that you should consider carefully before proceeding. Many plumbers can only offer the full “dig and replace” method so you may not have heard of other solutions. Fortunately, pipelining technology offers alternative methods like the trenchless sewer lining method – designed to cut down on the time involved while saving you money.


In San Diego, trenchless sewer lining has become a popular method for repairing plumbing systems without removing any landscaping. For homes with adequate plumbing systems in place already, this method can help preserve the integrity of the property.

CIPP (Cured-In-Place Piping)

The cured-in place pipe process is the basis for trenchless sewer lining replacements. The tube that is inserted into the existing pipe is made from resin-saturated felt that adheres to the host pipe with air pressure. The process eliminates the need for digging out the old pipe system to repair or replace it.

At San Diego Pipelining, we offer our customers the options of having their sewer lines replaced with the trenchless sewer pipelining system in most cases. Once we have evaluated the sewer pipe issue you are having we can determine if the trenchless method is best for your situation. If it is not an option then we will provide you with the most cost efficient options to fix your sewage problems.

Sewer Pipe Lining

Trenchless Sewer Replacement

If you’re looking for an environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional pipe digging replacement for drainage issues it may be best to use trenchless sewer replacement. Rather than replacing or repairing the existing pipe a new pipe is inserted that fits within the old one. This method is usually a more cost effective way of fixing drainage problems you are having.

Not only are you saving money with trenchless sewer replacement but also the environmental impact is much less severe than the old “dig and replace” options. By eliminating the digging step of the process you will save a lot of time and money.

Other Relevant Pipe Lining Services

PIPE BURSTING – Similar to pipelining, pipe bursting is a permanent solution for sewer line repair. Utilizing your existing sewer pipe path, pipe bursting pulls a new HDPE pipe into place – all with a lifetime warranty!

Products Used for Trenchless Sewer Lining Projects:

Sewer Lining Replacement