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Pipe Bursting

For some homeowners the idea of trenchless sewer lining may seem inadequate to fix their plumbing issues. While this method is highly useful in most cases, adding a pipe bursting element can fortify the new plumbing system even further.

Common techniques we use for this pipelining service include:

Pipe Bursting

  • The pipe bursting method uses the same principle in that all the work is done from access points on each end of the pipe rather than digging it up. Rather than inserting a new pipe within the old one, the pipe bursting method breaks up the old pipe and replaces it with a new one.

Pipe Ramming

  • Once the pipe bursting is completed, the new pipe will be inserted into the same hole with a ramming tool. The ramming tool makes it possible to use the existing plumbing system of pipes without having to dig any trenches.

Horizontal Boring

  • For situations where pipe ramming is unsafe or impractical, the horizontal boring method may be preferred. The boring method uses cutting heads to drill holes underground to install pipelines, This method is especially useful when running pipes below roadways or train tracks to reduce the possibility of disruptions.

Directional Drilling

  • If you have old pipes that you are replacing with ones that are a different size, directional drilling will help facilitate the replacement. With this method of trenchless pipe replacement the drill will use the same tracks as the existing pipes and widen them to accommodate the new pipe system.

TRIC Pulling Equipment

How is it that we’re able to complete all these services in lieu of traditional pipe replacement? At San Diego Pipelining, we trust our trenchless sewer repair to TRIC pulling equipment. The stability of TRIC’s pulling head ensures a clean removal of your old piping system, clearing a way for the new line without any disruption to your home or landscaping.

pipe bursting diagram for San Diego

Why Choose Trenchless Sewer Pipe Bursting in San Diego?

San Diego Pipelining can offer the perfect customized solution to your sewer drainage problems with trenchless replacement methods whether you need pipe bursting, pipe ramming, or horizontal and directional drilling. All of these methods eliminate the need for digging up and replacing existing pipelines for a more cost-effective solution. By choosing to employ our trenchless sewer pipelining solutions you can preserve your landscaping and save both time and money in the process. The days of unearthing your property to fix your plumbing issues are over.