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San Diego Pipelining, a Poway pipelining company, is your local expert to reach out to, to resolve any plumbing issue. DIY repairs of clogged drains, broken pipes, leaky faucets, sewer backups, or other plumbing issues, may come across as cheaper solutions. But without proper expertise and the right equipment, you do more damage than good to your plumbing system.

If you are in or around Poway, California, then calling in our team of trenchless pipe repair experts, gives you a faster and efficient plumbing solution.

Get a Disruption-Free Solution from our Poway Trenchless Pipe Lining Specialists

Substandard plumbing is a serious issue for 140, 000 people living in California. The statistic is an estimate and the real count is believed to be higher. Records show that nearly half-a-million residential buildings in the U.S. lack basic plumbing.

Proper plumbing is essential to access safe water and create hygienic living conditions. Plumbing emergencies can turn lives upside down. San Diego Pipelining addresses this need for a robust plumbing solution with its trenchless pipe repair method.

The trenchless method of pipe lining resolves your plumbing issues with no disturbance or damage to your environment. The results are long-lasting and cost-effective.

In traditional pipe lining and repair, it is customary for plumbers to dig trenches to locate the faulty pipe. This need for digging trenches damages your property, especially the yard and driveway. Trenches make your property look unsightly too.

With trenchless piping repair, the need for digging is totally eliminated. This method saves you the cost and time on digging trenches, locating pipes, and repairing, removing or replacing pipes.

Our Poway Trenchless Pipe Repair Saves You Cost, Time and Stress

Pipes can be damaged by aging. Substandard plumbing materials and installation can also cause plumbing problems. Damaged pipes reveal themselves in the form of leaks, bad odor, water with impurities or metal, or water with a bad taste. If you are experiencing any of these issues, then it is time to repair or replace your pipes.

It is also time to rely on solutions that are cost-effective, durable and save you from the hassles of recurring plumbing issues. With San Diego Pipelining, you get access to certified plumbers with professional training. We offer the most generous warranty in the industry.     

Our Poway Trenchless Pipe Lining is Faster

With traditional plumbing repair where trenches are involved, the process requires a week or more, for completion. In case of complex repairs or difficulty in locating the damaged pipe, the process can take several weeks, leaving you stranded for basic utilities.

Using trenchless method, our plumbers repair or replace faulty pipelines without digging trenches or destroying your landscape. Use of advanced methods for inspection and pipe lining reduces process time. You get access to utilities within a day or two.


Our team employs video technology to study the situation below the ground. A camera is inserted into your plumbing system to identify the accurate location and extent of damage.

Lining Preparation

After inspection and identification, we prepare the pipes for lining. Our pipelining technicians clean the pipes thoroughly. Any debris or obstruction in the vicinity is removed. We use high-quality materials throughout the process, which ensures high-quality results at every point.


A flexible fiberglass or polyester tube is given an epoxy coating. The flexible tube is then inserted into the damaged pipe. It is inflated and allowed to cure. Curing takes a few hours.

This process creates a pipe within the damaged pipe, giving you a reinforced pipeline. As the process involves curing the pipe in its position, it is also called a cured in place pipe lining method.

Final Inspection

Our crew performs a video inspection to examine if the installation and working of the new pipe are accurate.

The entire pipe lining process takes only a few hours as compared to weeks in the traditional excavation method.

The San Diego Pipelining Advantage of Expertise

With our certified crew, you can be assured of a clean and accurate process. Our team is experienced in thorough inspection and identification of damage location. This step is crucial as it enables plumbers to decide if trenchless pipe lining would solve your plumbing issue.

Implementing a hasty solution without in-depth analysis can complicate the problem further.

Trust our crew to give you the right solution the first time itself. Know about our Super Trucks that enable us to complete most of our jobs on the first visit itself.

Our Trenchless Pipe Repair Offers Substantial Cost Savings

Trenchless sewer pipe lining saves you costs in the short-term and in the long run. The process does not demand intensive labor or heavy equipment as traditional trenching process does. You will not have teams working on your premises for extended periods of time. This saves you costs on labor and process.

Trenchless pipe repair does not involve abusing your landscape either. Sewer pipe lining, which often necessitates digging under driveways or below walls, can damage your building foundation when traditional digging is used.

Trenchless pipe lining uses only small entry points to gain access to the faulty pipe, which prevents substantial landscape damage. You do not have to spend thousands on re-beautifying your yard or driveway.     

The San Diego Pipelining Promise of 100% Customer Satisfaction

Experiencing emergency sewer backup problems or leaks? We have a 24-hour emergency response team to address your needs. Emergency or otherwise, plumbing problems need immediate attention. Our mobile customer service team ensures that your call is attended the first time itself. Our team is quick to the rescue and repair!

Our Trenchless Pipe Lining Delivers Durable Results

Lining sewer pipe with the trenchless technique gives you long-lasting results. The epoxy resin used in the process is durable and is capable of withstanding wear and tear over time. The reinforced sewer pipe lining can serve you for more than 50 years.

Trenchless lining prevents formation of joints as the pipe is introduced directly into the damaged pipe. The risk of joints (and your pipes) becoming weaker over time is prevented. With the trenchless method, this disadvantage is avoided.

The San Diego Guarantee of Quality

From the latest in technology, and the finest in raw materials and equipment, to the most qualified crew, San Diego Pipelining employs only the best on the job. We are investors in plumbing research and development.

As a result, we are able to provide pioneering plumbing solutions that improve the quality of end results, convenience and cost efficiency for our customers. We are able to provide a warranty that is twice that of industry standards.

Trenchless pipe lining is only as efficient as the technicians performing the process. The curing process is critical in trenchless pipe repair as it determines the durability and functionality of the new pipe.

The curing process needs in-depth monitoring to ensure accurate alignment of the new pipe with the old pipe. Formation of folds or wrinkles can obstruct water flow. Presence of gaps between the new and the old pipes results in leaks and damage in the long-term.

Experts at San Diego Pipelining are technicians with extensive knowledge and practical experience. We attend to details meticulously and ensure process completion to the highest standards of quality.

Plumbing rectification need not be disruptive, expensive or temporary. With our Poway pipe lining company, you get access to reliable solutions without breaking your budget or damaging your home. Reach us at (760) 670-4975 to discuss your plumbing requirements.