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Epoxy Pipelining San Diego

San Diego Pipelining is dedicated to providing the best customer service to complement our custom engineered pipelining services for your plumbing repair needs. In following this mission, Epoxy Pipe liningwe are proud users of NSF rated epoxy pipeline solutions for residential, commercial, or multi-tenant structures.

Epoxy Pipe Lining helps restore the water flow of your current piping systems in a safe, effective manner. A major benefit of epoxy pipe lining is it’s all done without tearing out walls and fixtures, saving you the time, cost and the exhaustion of pipe removal and replacement. And epoxy pipelining utilizes NSF approved epoxy so it’s clearly safe for human consumption.

Benefits of epoxy pipelining include:

  • Safety – delivering cleaner drinking water than cement or metal pipes
  • Durability – our epoxy pipe lining service is warrantied for life
  • Technology – epoxy lined pipes are more resistant to corrosion and degradation
  • Low Impact – epoxy pipe restoration is less noisy than pipe replacement, allowing business to go on as usual
  • Cost Effective – unlike full pipe replacement, epoxy liners are quicker and a cost-effective alternative
  • Environmentally Sound – with epoxy pipe repair, you eliminate the need for asbestos abatement


How does epoxy pipelining work?

The process involves removal of all the deposits and debris from within the current pipes. As you might imagine, this is done by “blowing” the pipes clean with a mix of air and silica particles. The debris is captured at the end of the line and removed permanently from your piping system. Once the pipe is clean, the epoxy lining is sent down the same pipe where in a few hours, it’s hardened and ready for use.

Why use epoxy pipe lining?

If the cost savings, time savings and low impact arguments aren’t enough – there’s also the lifetime guarantee that comes with work done by San Diego Pipelining. In short, epoxy pipeline rehabilitation is the least invasive form of water pipe lining available today. Call us for an estimate for your piping troubles and let us show you how effective epoxy pipe lining can be!

Other Relevant Pipe Lining Services

LEAK DETECTION – Trust San Diego Pipelining uses progressive leak detection technologies to assess and determine the best pipelining solution for your misfortunate situation.

WATER PIPELINING – Water delivery systems that suffer from low pressure, discoloration, foul odors, off-putting taste, or worse can be handled with one of our water pipelining solutions!

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