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Pipelining Costs

Trenchless Pipe lining Saves Money

In a world where best-of-class technology means “more expensive” – we are breaking the rules! Compare methods side by side to see how trenchless technology streamlines projects to save money, time, and headache.

Save 20-50% Over Traditional Plumbing Services!

Compare services below and you’ll see all the ways San Diego Pipelining’s methods can save you time, money &

Sewer Line Replacement Cost

 Conventional Pipe Replacement MethodPipelining Method
CostsRequires heavy equipment for extensive trenchingSometimes requires small access holes (not always necessary)
Hidden CostsLandscape repair needed after trench is filled inRefilling of small access holes (if used)
Time SpentSeveral daysOne day
Guarantee1 Year limited warrantyTrenchless Repair: 5 to 50 years
Trenchless Replacement: Lifetime to original owner. When transferred to a new owner, the warranty is 10 years.
LiabilityTrenching can disrupt underground lines such as gas & electricalNone
ValueLOSS - due to landscaping costsBest Warranty In The Industry, 5-50 Years Depending on Service!
Cost SavingsNone20-50% IN SAVINGS



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