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Slab Leak Repair Options

Slab Leak Repair in San Diego

Slab leaks typically under the foundation of a home, and they should never be ignored. This can cause the foundation of your home to move, and it is very likely to damage your home beyond just the foundation, so finding the best slab leak repair options quickly is important.

Pipe Sleeving  is a method where we clean the existing leaking line and pull a sleeve into the existing host pipe for a new pipe in a pipe repair. Great for Kitchen Islands. Where no walls exist to do a reroute.

If you have noticed some of the signs of a slab leak, the next step is to bring out an expert on leak detection. Some of the indications of a possible leak in foundation include clogged drains, cracks in your walls or ceilings, moisture underneath carpeting or flooring, or increased water bills.

Our Slab Leak Repair Options

If you’ve discovered a crack in the foundation of your home, you’ll want to have it repaired as soon as possible to prevent any further damage on your home. There are numerous slab leak repair options, and our experts will help you choose the best one for your specific situation:

  • Direct repair: This method involves jack-hammering at the site of the leak, and then repairing the broken pipe directly.
  • Reroute piping: For this type of repair, we replace the damaged pipe by rerouting the pipe from under the slab to above the slab to a single line.
  • Full re-piping: This is the process of fully replacing your entire water pipe system.
  • Epoxy repairs: There are several types of epoxy repairs that can be used including a spot repair, which can be used for a single slab pipe leak, epoxy hot side system repairs, and epoxy cold side system repairs depending on your needs.


Option 1: Jackhammering

Only fixes a section of the pipe, and the remaining line is subject to fail-causing further repairs.

Not recommended.

$900-$1200 average cost. Technicians will quote based on your circumstances.

Pros: Inexpensive and straightforward Cons: Messy, intrusive, the high failure rate on the remaining pipe left underground.

Option 2: Single Line Reroute

If there is a corroded pipe in the slab, it could be deteriorating from harsh soil or water. Re-routes lift lines from under the slab/ soil up and over into walls and ceilings.

We need to know where both ends of the pipe are before re-routing. We must open the pipe and verify if it is a single line under the slab from one end to the other- The price depends on how many drywall cuts and patches/ length of pipe.

  • 50 year-Copper Manufacturer’s Warranty
  • 25-year-Uponor Pex Manufacturer’s Warranty
  • Epoxy Coating Whole House (see Item #3 below)
  • 10 year-Workmanship Warranty

Does not include drywall texture or paint.

$1500-1700 average cost. Technicians will quote based on your circumstances.

Pros: Affordable, good warranty   Cons: Messy, intrusive, not always appropriate.

Option 3: Epoxy lining

Begins with cutting both ends of the exposed pipe to pressure test and see how big the leak is- and determine the variables and capabilities for epoxy.

$3750 average cost.

Pros: Saves money and time. Least intrusive. Scientifically the best materials and carries a lifetime warranty to the original owner, then have a transferrable warranty to the new owner for a 10- year warranty.

Cons: Not all pipes are candidates for epoxy. The line must be cleaned to pristine condition.

Option 4: Sleeving

High temp and high strength material. Begins with a borescope camera to locate any corrosion within the pipe from previous repairs, pipe bends, and oval vs. round conditions. The line needs to be abrasively cleaned to prep for sleeving.

$3950 average cost

Pros: Less intrusive, least reconstruction. High flow rate. 25-year manufacturer’s warranty & a 10- year Brinks workmanship warranty.

Cons: Hard to obtain the product. It takes a few weeks to obtain the materials if not in stock.

Slab Leak Repair Options with San Diego Pipelining

If you think you may have a slab leak (a leak under your foundation), remember that working fast to correct the problem will save you big in potential damage from an untreated leak. Give us a call or send an email today to learn more about how to detect a slab leak, and about your options for repair!