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A society that scorns excellence in plumbing as a humble activity and tolerates shoddiness in philosophy because it is an exalted activity will come to lack both. The society will have neither good plumbing nor good philosophy. Neither its pipes nor its theories will hold water. (John W. Gardner, 1965 (slightly re-worded)) (Source: CDC)

Clean and safe drinking water and a robust sewer system indicate an excellent residential pipe lining system. The pipes lines and fixtures that make for an excellent plumbing structure are fundamental elements. These components must be of high quality so that they do not contaminate water or degrade your sewer system over time making it dysfunctional.

An efficient plumbing system ensures enough water supply for building occupants. It also ensures that wastewater is routed to the designated sewage deposit system such as a public sewer or a private discharge point.

An efficient plumbing system is key to a healthy home, cleaner environment and a happier community. Efficient plumbing is also essential for upkeep of legal standards.

If you are searching for a “pipe lining near me” to fix repeat sewer back-flow issues or plumbing leaks, then San Diego Pipelining is the team to get in touch with. We are aware of the legal necessities in plumbing and adhere to legal as well as quality plumbing standards.

Our installers and repair experts are certified professionals holding extensive industry experience. Each of our team members undergoes a thorough background check to ensure a drug-free workforce.

Our research-backed work standard enables us to offer a warranty that is 2 times more than that set by the industry. If you are considering residential plumbing installation, then choose our California pipe lining company for lasting results.

What is Residential Pipe Lining?

From recurrent sewer odor to slow draining to peeling wall paint and shooting water bills, residential pipe lining trouble indicators are many. If you notice any such indicators, then your plumbing system may be at fault. A thorough professional examination is key to assessing the health and longevity of your system.

If plumbing examination uncovers a major plumbing issue due to a corroded or otherwise damaged pipe, then pipe lining/ relining may become necessary. Pipe breakdown caused due to water flooding, wear and tear, or other major disruption, warrants new residential pipe lining.

Damage caused by wear and tear often manifests in the form of damaged pipe walls. Left unchecked, this damage can lead to pipe bursting. These old pipes undergo galvanized pipe lining.

With time and depending on the quality of raw materials, water seepage occurs. Steady water leaks eat the galvanized lining. This material deterioration builds up pressure against pipe walls, causing cracks, fractures and major damage.

A pipe relining helps restore the functionality of your pipe without being too expensive. With high-quality pipe relining, residential pipe lining can be reinforced to withstand temperature and pressure variations. A pipe lining/ relining is also a cost-effective solution for plumbing systems that have witnessed too many repairs and are beyond correction.

Well-performed professional pipe lining offers a protective layer for installed pipes. The conventional method of repairing pipes involves spot excavation, repair and re-installation. But a more modern pipe lining process, referred to as the Cured-in-Place Pipe Lining is swifter, and more efficient in terms of cost, work and outcomes.

Pipe Lining Vs Replacement

Pipe lining involves identifying damaged or deteriorating pipes and repairing them without digging trenches. A sleeve or liner, most often epoxy-coated, is pulled within the existing pipe. The liner is then inflated to form a formidable cover within the existing pipe line. The entire process is performed to great meticulousness, to ensure a seamlessness between the old and new pipes.

Pipe replacement, on the other hand, is recommended when the existing pipe or piping system is beyond repair.

A professional evaluation is crucial to decide if lining plumbing pipes or a replacement would be best.

Residential Pipe Lining – The “No-Digging” Process

Traditional pipe repair or replacement that involves extensive digging of your landscape is a cost and labor-intensive process. As the process involves extensive digging to remove or repair the existing pipeline, the decision needs to be arrived at, carefully.

San Diego is a California pipe lining company with extensive investments on pipe lining research.

We are up-to-date with the latest in pipe lining methodologies. Trenchless sewer lining or pipe replacement is one such cost-effective alternative we offer our clients. It makes your plumbing system more efficient and stable while reducing process time.

Even if your existing plumbing system is not showing any sign of compromise, maintenance using the trenchless method can increase its durability. As a result, your property is able to maintain its structural integrity.

Excessive rain-prone and snow-hit regions such as California witness frequent sewer and plumbing clogging due to blockage by tree roots. Californian homes can benefit immensely with stress-free plumbing maintenance through trenchless pipe repair.

How does Trenchless Pipe Lining Work?

The trenchless pipe lining method works on the cured-in-place-piping (CIPP) principle. It is used for sewer lining replacements and pipe lining repair. This method involves covering the faulty pipe with a newer resin-reinforced pipe without excavating the landscape.

Pipes repaired with the trenchless pipe lining method enjoy improved stability and efficiency as a result of the new pipe. Frequent issues with your toilet flush? Your sewer system may be the reason.

Check out other indicators of a sewer system problem.

At San Diego Pipelining, our experts employ the trenchless method for a range of pipe lining needs, including storm drains, gravity sewers, pressure pipelines and culverts.

The CIPP Process in Detail 

The trenchless CIPP method cuts down time and eliminates the complexity of traditional repair and installation processes. The steps typical to a CIPP process include:

Cleaning the Spot

Dirt and debris surrounding the faulty pipe or pipe system are cleaned. The pipeline’s walls and surrounding areas are prepared for the CIPP liner insertion.

Water/ Sewer Diversion

CIPP pipe repair or installation demands a dry pipe. In cases where pipe diameters are small, plugs accomplish the task of keeping pipes dry. In case of larger pipes, water above the ground level is pumped away to keep the pipes and repair area dry.

Liner Installation

The liner is installed using a pull-in or inversion method. In inversion, a resin-infused tube is released into the old pipeline using a pressure-based device. The device runs along the length of the pipeline using water or air pressure to guide its travel.

In the pull-in method, the liner is pulled to the access toward the pipe’s end, for liner-coating within the host pipe.

New Pipeline Formation

The liner resin is cured in place using heat or UV light. The light or heat source is applied to the old pipeline. Once cured, the resin forms an extremely tight seal. This entire structure becomes a water-tight pipeline inside the old pipeline.


Existing connections on the sides of the pipeline are restored after the new pipe hardens completely.

Quality Confirmation

A quality test is performed to assess the functional strength of the new pipe.

Pipe Camera Inspection – Quicker and Structured Residential Pipe Lining Examination

Also referred to as drain or sewer camera inspection, pipe camera inspection uses video technology to identify pipeline issues. It is an important aspect of pipe line repair, rectification or installation.

In this examination process, a tiny camera is inserted into existing pipelines to identify the spot of pipe damage or block. The better the technology, the more accurate the results. Accurate identification is key as solutions are based on these findings. A well-planned strategy can be prepared only with accurate inspection findings.

Our California pipelining experts employ the most up-to-date video examination technology for thorough in-pipe assessments and accurate findings. Our crew uses a long cord with the camera secured to its end.

The cord is inserted into the pipeline while our crew navigates through the pipe with the camera as its eyes. The exact spot of damage and the cause of issue are detected. This exact detection makes solution implementation faster. Your plumbing defects will be resolved faster with the camera inspection method.

A camera inspection in your regular plumbing maintenance alerts you to dormant plumbing issues, especially if your home is an old building. In such cases, a camera inspection is a savior. It saves you expensive pipeline rectification treatments in the long run. It also prevents plumbing problems that can soon escalate into grave issues impacting the structural integrity of your building.

With advanced camera inspection, you can identify the root cause affecting your plumbing system. You can then use the trenchless pipe repair or replacement if needed. With these techniques, you address the root problem and rectify it instead of implementing temporary quick-fixes.

Save Cost, Time and Property – The Invaluable Benefits of Trenchless Pipe Lining

Trenchless CIPP is a residential pipe lining alternative that experienced plumbers turn to provide reliable and cost-effective solutions for their clients. Trenchless solution is unintrusive, noiseless and causes minimal disruption. The process does not disturb your neighbors. There is no wastage of water, which helps conserve this precious resource.

Other specific benefits of the CIPP trenchless technique, include:

A Faster Process 

Trenchless pipe lining repair/ installation does not require trench-digging. As a result, the process can be accomplished faster. In addition, use of advanced equipment makes issue identification quicker and strategy planning faster. Substantial time is saved on digging, and trial & error identification of faults, common to traditional pipe lining methods.

Where the traditional process can gobble up days, trenchless pipe lining impresses with its timeline of just a few hours. With reliable infrastructure and a qualified crew, the process can be completed in a couple of hours!

Zero Digging Hassles

Traditional trench-digging requires extensive digging of your landscape to access plumbing lines running under them. The deep digging involved destroys your landscape elements, costing you money for restoration.

Conventional digging can become disruptive on pathways that are used frequently, or in narrow spaces. Digging in such areas also poses safety risks for your family and visitors.

With the trenchless CIPP method, you can prevent all such risks and experience increased safety and process efficiency.

The trenchless method requires only a couple of tiny holes, usually to access pipe entry and exit. As a result, your landscape stays beautiful and there are no piles of dirt accumulating on your property. 

A Strong and Lasting Plumbing System

CIPP solutions offer decades of service. The resin and other materials used in the making of the liner for the host pipe breathe new life into your existing plumbing system. The higher the quality of raw materials, the better the life of your pipe lining.

The cured liner protects the pipe from the impact of high pressure and increased water flow rates. The liner also stays strong and stable in an environment that is constantly damp. The liner does not

dissolve or break down due to corrosion or chemical release in the environment.

Minimal Disruption to your Life

Conventional pipe lining through trench-digging requires heavy equipment and a large team. This process may also demand closing your street to the public to accommodate the equipment and workers. Though necessary to ensure protection for all involved, this disruption becomes inconvenient for your neighbors and your locality.

Your life is also put on hold as your daily activities are interrupted without access to clean water or toilet facilities.

The trenchless CIPP solution minimizes disruption with its multiple benefits. As the solution has noiseless operation, minimal labor requirement, less equipment, and negligent digging, there is only micro disruption.

Substantial Cost Savings

With multiple benefits to its credit, you may expect the trenchless CIPP pipe lining solution to be expensive and budget-breaking. So, how much does pipe lining cost?

Traditional pipe lining replacement or repair can cost you 4 times more than a trenchless CIPP solution. High-quality CIPP solutions such as that offered by our California pipe lining company can bring you 20% to 50% cost savings.

The value incurred is also more and add to your cost savings:

  • No landscape restoration or lawn repair costs
  • Costs for several days of work as in traditional trench-digging pipe lining, are eliminated
  • Extensive warranty on trenchless repair. San Diego Pipelining company offers 5 to 50 years warranty on trenchless repair. Lifetime warranty on trenchless replacement is offered to the original owner. Upon transfer of ownership, the new owner receives a 10-year warranty.

In Conclusion

Trenchless CIPP pipe lining for residential pipe lining is a cutting-edge plumbing solution. The method saves you money and delivers a long-lasting solution. The process is accurate and quicker with only minimal disruption to your home and surroundings.

Trenchless CIPP pipe lining must be performed by qualified technicians with professional training and certification. Only professionals can evaluate the plumbing situation and apply the trenchless CIPP solution with expertise.

Use of latest camera technologies and pipe lining infrastructure enables San Diego Pipelining company to deliver lifetime warranty on our work. Our quality standards put our team at the forefront of service providers offering excellent workmanship and customer satisfaction. Get in touch with our trusted team today!