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Water Pipelining Treatment

Leaky water pipes are an increasing source of homeowner insurance claims as damage caused by corrosion leads to water damage, flooding or pipe bursts. At San Diego Pipelining, our team of water pipelining experts has seen everything from water main pipe bursting to complete copper pipe system degradation that had homeowners scrambling to get clean water into their house. Perhaps your situation isn’t that drastic and you’re here looking for solutions to colored, foul smelling or bad tasting water. Or maybe you’ve seen a decrease in water pressure leading to low flow in your shower or sink. Whatever your water piping dilemma might be, there’s a creative and customized water pipe lining solution waiting at San Diego Pipelining.

What is water pipe lining?

San Diego Pipelining has developed a pipe lining system utilizing NSF rated epoxies that restores corroded water piping without the expenses and disruption of traditional pipe replacement. Unfortunately, pipe corrosion occurs in almost all piping systems as soon as they’re put into service. At San Diego Pipelining, our water pipe lining process provides a quick and permanent solution for extending the useful life of older
piping systems.

Water Pipe Lining Benefits

  • Cost Effective – compared to pipe replacement
  • Safe – resulting in cleaner drinking water than metal, cement or plastic pipes
  • Durable – water pipelining is warrantied for life
  • Environmentally Sound – with epoxy pipe repair, you eliminate the need for asbestos abatement
  • Lower Impact – water pipelining jobs take days not weeks
  • Advanced Technology –water pipes lined with epoxy are more resistant to corrosion than traditional pipes

Why Choose Water Pipe Lining For Your Home in San Diego

Pipe restoration is a low-impact solution that is easy on the building owner. Pipes are prepared for pipelining with a silica cleaning agent that removes debris and blockage. Worn joints and fittings are replaced where necessary for integrity. The cleaned system is then conditioned to receive epoxy lining and finally, the cured epoxy liner is ready for use. This process:

  • Saves Money
  • Is Healthier & Safer
  • Is Less Disruptive
  • Extends The Life Of Your Current System

Other Relevant Pipelining Services

LEAK DETECTION – Trust San Diego Pipelining’s progressive leak detection technologies to assess and determine the best pipelining solution for your misfortunate situation.

EPOXY PIPELINING – Epoxy pipelining is just one of many piping system services offered at San Diego Pipelining where we trust our National Sanitary Foundation (NSF) rated epoxy liner to provide a lifetime of pipe restoration.